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The Shammy Awards

The Shammy Video Awards take place annually and honors our students top performances of the year!  Out of the 100's of student performances posted on our YouTube channel a year, about 40 of them make it to the final round. 

As of 2021, we have changed its format to promote equity, respect and fairness to all students. We will no longer divide awards into traditional male and female categories. Rather students will be recognized by age and/or skill level.

Public votes and video views help towards a higher score, but the winners are primarily selected by a panel of judges that are NOT affiliated with ShamRock. The winners are then awarded with trophies at our Shammy Ceremony!

Congratulations to all who have earned a Shammy and to all that performed throughout the years!

2023 Shammy Awards

Fiona Martin - Best Performance 7 & under
Fiona Norato
- Most Watched Video
Novak Duric - Best Piano Performance ages 8-10
Mia Taylor - Best Instrument or Vocal Performance ages 8-10
Nick Kievit - Best Debut Performance ages 8-12
Anabel Pacio - Best Piano Performance ages 11-13

Leigha Johnson - Best Instrument or Vocal Performance ages 11-13
Connor Georgieff - Most Public Votes

Joey Brooks - Best Performance by a Multi Shammy Winner 12 & under
Bella Basile - Best Performance by a Multi Shammy Winner Teen
Brandon Neuhaus - Best Performance ages 14-17 & Judges Highest Score

Matt Chisari - Best Performance ages 18+
Mia Taylor - Best Original Song
Best Adult Rock Band - Jess & the Rest of the Mess

Chaotic Choir - Best Advanced Band Performance
Girl Drama - Best Performance by a Summer Camp or Reality Rock Band
Cordelia Tortorello, Sarah McTighe & Bella Basile - 
Best Duo or Small Group Performance
JJ Howard - Most Valuable Performer
Hall of Fame Decade Award - The Bandola Family


2022 Shammy Awards

Mia Taylor - Best Performance 7 & under
Sophia Rossow
- Most Watched Video
Lily Martin - Best Live Performance ages 8-10
Maxine Brooks - Best Live Performance ages 8-10
Daphne Kernan - Most Improved Performer
Alex Morley
- Best Virtual Performance ages 8-10
Fiona Bala - Best Debut Performance 8-12
Quincy Bandola
- Most Public Votes
Selah Shenton - Best Live Performance ages 11-14
Madelyn Henry - Best Virtual Performance ages 11-16
Megan Henry - Best Performance ages 14-17
AJ King
- Best Performance by a Multi- Shammy Winner
Adam Geissler - Best Performance ages 18+
Matthew Chisari - Highest Judges Score

Walking In Circles - Best Original Song
Flip Thru - Best Advanced Band Performance
Bottom of the Barrel - Best Performance by a Summer Camp or Reality Rock Band
Dave Miller - Most Valuable Performer