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4 Pack of Lessons

4 Pack of Lessons


4, 30-minute weekly private lessons.


    Absence Policy- If you will not be at your lesson, please give us 72 HOURS notice so you can reschedule your lesson during any time your teacher is available.

    Any requests to reschedule a lesson with less than 72 HOURS notice will be added to our waiting list. You will be contacted when a space becomes available when another student vacates their spot. You have 90 days to reschedule a missed lesson before it expires. Once you reschedule a lesson, you must attend that lesson. You can only reschedule a lesson once. Rather than rescheduling a lesson, virtual lessons via Zoom or Facetime can be taken instead of in person. This is especially good for those that may feel ill but still well enough to attend their lesson. NO SHOWS will not be offered a rescheduled lesson. 2 NO SHOWS in a row without any notice will require forfeiture of lesson time. There are no refunds for missed lessons. You can accumulate a maximum of 3 makeups in your account at any given time. Best to reschedule missed lessons ASAP. ShamRock staff is dedicated to making sure that your lessons are rescheduled and will always make our best effort to do so. It is the students/parents responsibility to make sure any missed lessons are made up within the 90-day window. 

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