NEW!!!  Group Vocal Ensemble XL  ages 9-17

More Rehearsal Time, More Rehearsal Weeks, More Performances!

Sessions expanded to 1.5 hours! 

Thursdays July 29 – December 2nd, 6pm-7:30pm, 18 Weeks


Includes 18 hour and a half classes with vocal instructor Kristina Rigamonti.  She will work with the group on technique, lead singing, harmonies and more.  Learn to work with microphones and how to sing in a live environment both solo and with the group.  We hope to add more performances as the ability to in the Spring becomes more clear. 


Performances Booked for this session:

Friday 8/20, 1pm, Tavern 5

Sunday 9/19, Pequannock Street Festival, 11am-5pm

Saturday 10/16, Pequannock Hoedown, 11am-5pm

Saturday 10/30, Halloween Party, Greenview Park, Noon-1pm

Saturday 12/4, Holiday Caroling, Greenview Park, Noon-1


Rehearsals will take place once per week following all necessary COVID safety protocols including outdoor sessions if required.

New! Group Vocal Ensemble XL (Summer-Winter)