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ConductingEnrolling your child in a school band or orchestra program is a rewarding experience for both the parents and the students.  We offer all band and string instruments for monthly rental, rent to own or for sale.  ALL OF OUR SCHOOL BAND & ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENT RENTALS INCLUDE A FREE LESSON!  Having one lesson with the instrument when it is handed to you will give your child the basics of how to put it together, get a basic sound and a lesson on how to maintain the instrument.  Private music lessons, outside of the school program are extremely important in order to get the most out of your child's music education.  We offer 4 or 8 week sessions in the summer and full semesters (of 12-15 weeks) during the school year.  Our staff of instructors all have degrees in music education or performance and some currently teach during the day in middle school or high school music programs.

Our rentals are for 4 months or 10 months, for the length of the school year.  IF YOU START YOUR RENTAL IN THE SUMMER, THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  You get 2 months free!  Your child can take lessons prior to the school year and be prepared when school starts in the fall.


"Those students that take private music lessons end up being our leaders.  It makes a significant difference."  Jeff Foth, band director, PV Middle School, Pequannock, NJ


Below is an excerpt  from “Music Makes You Smarter” by Frances H. Rauscher Department of Psychology University of Wisconsin


Research has found that the strongest effects of music on human intelligence are to be found from active participation in music making. Children who take music lessons are likely to reap benefits far beyond those which can be found from passive listening. Research shows that cognitive stimulation reaches a high level during music lessons. Music lessons are fun, but are always a challenge to a student’s cognitive abilities.

A child working on a mathematical problem can sit back and ponder it for as long as necessary before committing pencil to paper. The same child, playing with a band, must keep up with the group and at the same time think ahead to prepare for what is coming. In no other subject is a child called upon to make four or five decisions per second and to act on them continuously for long stretches of time.

During musical performance, children must constantly turn their thoughts into action. Thought structures continually have to be updated and adjusted. This combination of constant vigilance and forethought coupled with ever-changing physical responses is an educational experience of unique value. One can easily see why children with music lessons are able to deal more easily with material which cannot immediately be assimilated.

In addition to these benefits, the social climate of music instruction is marked by cooperation, whereas in most other subjects cooperation is either totally lacking or replaced by a climate of competition. Only by working together can students play a musical performance. They learn that cooperation is a means to an end which can be applied to other goals.

Music-making is fun and children love to make music. When you then consider the developmental benefits with the fun of music-making, this creates an even more compelling argument for your child to be involved making music.