ShamRock offers custom repair work on all instruments (including school band instruments). Bring your instrument in for a FREE estimate and evaluation.

Flute, Clarinet and Trumpet
- Complete overhaul: $150

- Call for free estimate

Piano Repair/Tuning/Moving
- Call for free estimate


"The Works" for:
6-String Acoustic Guitar - $69
12-String Acoustic Guitar - $89


  • Adjust neck to eliminate "buzz" and improve playability
  • Adjust nut and bridge bone to improve guitar's performance
  • Adjust intonation as needed
  • Oil neck, clean and polish body
  • Check and tighten tuners
  • Remove and replace with new strings (cost of strings vary and are extra)


"The Works" for:

Electric Guitars - $69
Also includes checking all electronics including pots, switches, jack and pickups. Minor adjustments and cleaning included.

Electric Guitars with locking tremolo Floyd Rose style - $89


"Deluxe" for Acoustic or Electric Guitars - $49
Includes removing and replacing new strings (cost of strings vary and carry an additional cost), oiling of the neck, cleaning and polishing the body.


"Basic" for Acoustic or Electric Guitars (Restring) - $29


* String cost for all services above are NOT included in the pricing, and are extra *