• Ken Lyons

    Having unexpectedly been awarded a Shammy Award on Sunday past, I was a little lost for words.  I just wanted to add to it.

    Halfway through my first lesson with Vince, I knew that I was going to sign up for a semester.  He showed me some things to try with my limited ability at the time that really helped.  In addition, he was very supportive in his instruction. I have always loved music but never thought I could actually play it.  I also really liked the school as it had a caring, family feel to it.  Through the years that has never changed and I look forward to my lesson each week.  I can have a bad day at work but Vince will show me something on the guitar and it washes away everything.

    The Adult Rock camp has been a great experience learning to play with others and working on timing.  I have also gotten to work with and know most of the rest of the staff at Shamrock (who are all great). And then there is performing live.  I like that the adults get to open for the teens usually.  It means we have an audience to play to as their parents have to sit through our set to watch their kids. Secondarily the teen bands such as Uncontrollable are really good so I can enjoy their set without thinking about playing after them.  It is amazing to watch the kids come in to Shamrock and watch them grow in ability and confidence in their performance.

    The Shammy was nice to receive but I the best feeling is when you perform and you nail it.   The feeling of all the players in the band, putting out a good performance, looking at each other playing and knowing that the work and practice is paying off.  That is the magic of music.

  • Isaak and Biana Mester

    Discovering Shamrock couldn’t have come at a better time for my son, Andrew. Transferring in from a school that emphasized playing songs over theory, and had a constant change in teachers, we felt that in order for our son to progress and reach the next level in performance, he really needed consistent teaching style and to know what he was playing and why.

    Andrew’s incredibly talented teachers at Shamrock, Vince Genella for guitar and Erica Seguine for piano, not only improved his performance skills and theory, but they gave him something that is just so much more important, confidence! He has grown so much as a musician, participating in many different performance programs that Shamrock offers and even playing at various venues with his teacher!

    Thrilled with Andrew’s progress, I also enrolled my youngest son Joshua in Saxaphone lessons with Shannon. He has also made amazing strides in a very short time.

    We are truly fortunate to have found such a caring, professional and nurturing environment. I highly recommend it.

  • Michelle Avolio Genardi

    I really love Shamrock!! My daughter has taken singing for 3 years with Kate, and also took flute lessons with Shannon. As you know by my posts, I always looked forward to my coffee and 30 minutes of peace. LOL I am trying to talk my 8 year old into guitar lessons. You have a great program, and Gia has had so many great experiences. From the Rock Camp, to the intimate performances in the studio. She really found her voice. The lessons definitely made a huge difference in fine tuning her talent. Keep up the GREAT work and enjoy the rest of the summer. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

  • Joanne Bastante-Howard

    My son and I love Shamrock Music School! Everyone is really professional and genuinely cares for our kids. I have a child with special needs and Randy, Laura and their team go above and beyond to make sure my son's needs are met. I would strongly recommend Shamrock. They are also strong supporters of the community too.

  • Sandra Feury, mother of 12 year old drummer Kevin

    You all do such and amazing job at Shamrock School of Music. Keep the music alive for kids....! Love it.....fabulous school and experiences for the kids! If you have never been a student....check them out! What a fantastic group of people!

  • Donna Donatacci, mother of 15 year old guitarist, Ryan and adult daughter Alyssa, who participated in our Adult Rock Shop program

    Hope you all realize what you give to those who's lives you touch... not just giving kid's the gift of music and providing an opportunity for them to perform... but involving them in the charity events teaches them that they can use their talents for a greater good... and the Adult Rock Workshop enables a whole bunch of people to live their dream... an opportunity they may never have had... You are all awesome!

  • Stephanie Frugis, adult vocal student

    I love coming for lessons at ShamRock! The teachers are so talented and extremely helpful. You really learn a lot! I look forward to every lesson.

  • Diane Gallipoli, mother of 10 year old drummer, Alex

    Roy has done a great job with Alex to teach him how to play drums.  Our family has been seen Alex perform at so many events with his peers and pros like Stu Hamm (performed with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani and others), it's just so impressive.

  • Jeremy

    I had been playing rhythm in bands for years and was looking to learn to play lead... within the first lesson Vince was able to give me advice and exercises to help take my guitar playing to the next level.

  • Mary Lynne Colicchio

    "My son loves taking guitar lessons at Shamrock!" she exclaimed. "I am very impressed with the quality of instruction that the staff provides."

  • Jack Pownall

    I love taking lessons at ShamRock. Vince (Genella) is an awesome guitar teacher. It was really cool that after just a few months of lessons I was playing a Jimi Hendrix solo on stage!